Monthly Archives: noviembre 2007

Brian Eno biography ´07

Reflecting Brian Eno’s different faces, his diverse facets, has been the aim of this work for the cover of the publication of his authorised biography by Orion Books. PROJECT/ BRIAN ENO BIOGRAPHY CLIENT/ ORION BOOKS LONDON . 2007

Santa Teresa Rum ´07

Baroque illustration which seeks colour and composition excess; for Santa Teresa Rum’s Christmas press campaign, hand in hand with Next Door. PROJECT/ CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN CLIENT/ RUM SANTA TERESA AGENCY/NEXT DOOR . 2007

Buyers ’07

Drawn with graphite pencil and graphic tablet. This illustration for H Magazine tells about the world of big fashion buyers. PROJECT/ BUYERS CLIENTE/ H MAGAZINE . 2007

Jim Beam setting trends ’07

Ornamentation which surrounds this photograph of Jim Beam, for the campaign created by CP Proximity. With numerous layers and glazings, we obtain this smoke effect. PROJECT/ SETTING TRENDS CLIENT/ JIM BEAM AGENCY/ CP PROXIMITY. 2007

RadiOle ’07

Full color illustration for Spanish Music Radio Station RadiOlé’s new image, hand in hand with Shackleton. It was intended to achieve a simple graph in the composition, yet with a lot of strength and emotivity. PROJECT/ CORAZÓN CLIENT/ RADIOLE AGENCY/ SHACKLETON . 2007

Tendencias Magazine ´07

Some of the collaborations performed for Tendencias Magazine, along 2007. PROJECT/ COLLABORATIONS CLIENT/ TENDENCIAS MAGAZINE . 2008